Vaughan Sportsplex II - 8301 Keele St. Concord

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Lazer Dart Tag




Participating in a team building program at Vaughan Sportsplex is a unique learning experience designed to bring you and your teammates and co-workers together. You will learn new ways to motivate each other, problem solve, and perform better in any situation by working as a cooperative unit.

The team building curriculum at Vaughan Sportsplex is a proven program based on intellectually stimulating, fast paced, hands-on challenges. Our team building staff will guide you in exercises planned to bring out the best in each individual while strengthening the group’s overall attitude and ability to achieve successful results.

After each team building experience, we encourage teams to continue the learning process by participating in a Reflection Session held in one of our meeting rooms. Complete catering is available for team building packages during the Reflection Session.

Browse our programs or speak with Vaughan Sportsplex staff to discuss customizing a program to your unique needs. If you are interested in touring our team building facilities or want to plan a single team building event or long term program.